Administrative, Management, and Technical Services

Shearwater supports the Coast Guard Research and Development Center (RDC), located in New London, CT on a broad range of administrative tasks and technical support. Our staff of professionals assist the RDC in its role as the exclusive facility in the Coast Guard that performs research and development, as well as test and evaluation in support of the service’s major missions.

Under a number of task orders, Shearwater supports the RDC in these areas:

     • Project Planning Support

     • Studies, Research, Technology Investigations, and Analyses

     • Engineering, Scientific, Information Technology, Business Support

     • Information Services

     • Technical Writing and Editing

     • Presentations, Position Papers, Graphics

     • Conference/Meeting Scheduling, Logistics, and Facilitation

     • Audio/Visual Services

     • Property Management

     • Reception and Clerical Services

     • File/Electronic File Management Services

     • Internet and Intranet Support